Whispers in a Cave

Entering the mouth of a cave, you need to know what kind of cave you’re entering and if there are points at which light filters in or running water sounds like the open air.
If there are multiple ways to enter and exit or if the way you entered is the only way out and back to freedom.
These are just the basics and if you don’t know these things before you enter, you could doom yourself to being trapped in a maze of darkness.
That’s much like a relationship.

People can be so closed minded and not even slightly aware;
Their growth can be stunted but they still see the light through the thinness of air.
Proclaim the color of the Sun in the sky, arguing a difference until the day they die.
Perception is reality in a way, that’s true but wrong is fucking wrong, dummy.

Anyway, I’m in a deep dark corner of the cave, sitting among the whisperers.


Dusking is when it Dawns too late

Are you hungry? What will you do about it? How deeply are you compelled to eat?

Imagine that it is your brain which hungers and you do nothing to satiate the ache.

Pretend it is your heart which aches for an accompanying thump yet goes neglected.

What pretense must it be put into for the context of ‘now’ to warp your patience into action?

Or is it just life as a lonely loner doing what lonely loners do?

Unreasonable request that were never made yet portrayed as if explained.

Excoriating judgment of those who throw tantrums from not getting their way.

You have the right to feel how you do, as do I.

Good luck in the morning since you did not have any luck at last night.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Building a case

She loves me not;
Rather, at this point, it is they.

Lusting for affection, access & direction,
Platitudes of gratitude forsaken in misty eyed splendor;
Satisfying the acrobatic linguistic aptitudes of a liar lying…
A victim by the nature of passive intent.

Thorny spines of a porcupine squeezed dry,
absinthe inside of a cavity from the hallucination inducing imbibe.

Two tribes.
One mind.
Only a single result may provide the clarity,
Necessity defined.

Call me crazy, even if you don’t mean it.


Buried in cliches.

The world of a writer on a mission to outdo his predecessors.

Though, it is impossible to match their sacrifice by emulation,
or to match their discoveries in an age of inundation,
or keep stride with their passions, commitments or dramatic reactions.

Vicariously, he may do what not one of them had the chance,
He might read their visions of existence and blend them,
Again and again, recombinating, resonating and recreating.

Falling for brevity with clarity behind,

A limitless dimension in design.


Beginning a new year

Hoping to improve one’s self in various ways

Albeit a stroking of the Ego

To improve the pleasure one has with self.

Do you still feel dirty and worthless thereafter?

Do you still regret the measure you’ve taken?

Is it because of the way society regards it?

Or is it completely okay to do for self?

Personally beat my dick like it owes me money

I do what I want even if it ain’t funny

Cause there’s only this life and no reset button

So, please have my baby…come be my woman!!!

Darlin’ Nikki

Walking in the sun of the savior,
She smiles with the warmth of hope,
Eyes on the future,
Looking pass the mountains of the past.

At long last, the frog prince of the toads,
Kisses and cuddles, Conversations and hugs,
Kung fu poses on bathroom rugs,
Front of a mirror and the one you hope to love.

Gimme what I want and I’ll reciprocate,
Contingency based needs to negotiate,
A hornet with wings and a stinger is mean,
A caterpillar in a cocoon with silken reprieve.

But nothing you’ve done once,
Will be the same when it is done twice;
So it does not matter if you are mean as a snake,
Or as blind as three little mice.

In the end,
The difference is,
Obligatory penitence,
Unremitting arrogance.

Dear Unrequited

It is not that I do not get why you might say “no” to me,
My flaws are plentiful and greatly varied.

I am boorish and blunt and crude and galling,
My humor is dry and my conversation appalling.

I was mediocre in college but I did get a few degrees,
but none are impressive but I learned, please believe.

An athlete, a nerd, a bully, a recluse and a bro,
I do what I can and I give a great show.

You shot me down after giving just a slim sliver of hope,
I must be a fool or even sky high on a kilo of dope.

I say I as a way to take responsibility and not to overload the importance of self or any reason of sensibility.
Misunderstood, misconstrued and lost in translation but my heart I need back from your undue confiscation.

I wish I knew a way to get you to want me but then again I am better off without you and that much is easy to see.

God damnit all, I really wanted her…..but it’s cool I can be through…you were a star to me and now, less on my mind than a pile of doggy poo.

Wishing I Wasn’t

Unlike anything you have ever known,
The open mouths of chirping baby birds,
Filled with a hell worth of razors and rumors,
Lurking about the quiet spaces of the day,
With vengeance for an injured ego for the mountain of cognitive dissonance forced down throat.
It makes sense that they hate me. I’ve broken the lies they once believed. Now, it is my job to lead them in only the way I can do. This is potentially my greatest lie and possibly my greatest truth.

All that can be seen is the warfare becoming the dream.


Walking through a forest of fools, lost in the echoes of their whispering inanity, on a path to damnation and completely unaware. It is the confidence of the stride and the direction that coincides which decides the way in which the liar dies. Betwixt the impetus and the destination there will be what is and what is believed to be.

You are the liar but you know it not.
Talking of the world you see, you have lived and you have perceived but not knowing how to truly measure what you have digested. It is always the closest truth you can touch but never the absolute truth that exists. A habit of touching the most right within your grasp. Not a bad practice but it remains untrue.

For the liar is easily convinced that what he hears and sees is infallible. He taps the foolishness into his veins and finds intoxication as easy as breathing itself. The best liar is one who is being used as a tool for another to lie; the puppet to a perfect puppeteer.

Break the chains of destiny by taking your destiny in your hands. Stop being a liar, stop being a fool…refuse to be another person’s tool.

Selling my Soul

A smile will brighten a person’s day during the darkness like the flame resting atop the wick of a candle.

Just like that flame is contagious and can spread in a wild way, so can a smile.

Let your soul be the price for the light in your eyes as it dances in the wind at the first sight of a trial.

Sell to those who bounce around with harbingers of pain clinging to their souls.

Giving from the place, a merchant of kindness,

sparkling like a precious stone alone in the Sun,

A vendor, a mentor, a protector of thine,

Musings from the warrior loser enshrined.